A place in which to delight the eyes, the nose and the mind in contemplation

Opened in 2009 as a complement to the extraordinary castle structure, this garden was conceived to offer visitors a place in which to delight the eyes, the nose and the mind in contemplation, yet at the same time to show what the garden was like in the Middle Ages in botanical and historical terms.
Spreading out some 2000 square meters around the preexisting chapel, its geometrical layout reconstructs four symbolic medieval gardens: the grove, the Giardino delle Erbe Piccole, the Giardino dei Principi and the Verziere, connected by paths created using different materials, primarily wood and stone.
The medieval garden is the rediscovery of the “original” layout, the one present in nature, which has not undergone human intervention or cultural influences typical of later centuries.
Here, nothing is forced. The garden follows the life cycle of the plants and returns to the naturalness of distant times. Visitors are bound to be delighted by the apple and almond blossoms in April, the chicory flowers in August and the ripe, leafless squashes in September.