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Il Fornello, Bottega con cucina

30-08-2018 |

The name Fornello is a tribute to the heritage of Isola Bella: the bistro now stands in the place where once stood the old wood stove that heated up the copper tank filled with water and chestnut peels which the fishermen used to dye and strengthen their nets.

Quality and research are the trademark of the Fornello, Bottega con Cucina bistrot, from the selection of raw materials to the care in preparing the dishes, which can be enjoyed on the pleasant terrace overlooking the lake.

At the Fornello, every dish is reminiscent of the scents from the Gardens of the Borromean Islands - orange-blossoms, bitter oranges, lemon and mandarin leave, to introduce these enchanted places and crown the experience of visiting and exploring them.

Every single product and every single producer are chosen with passion and love, to create unforgettable tastes: balsamic vinegars of Modena, flavoured oils from Sicily and Liguria, pasta from the Marche, not to mention fish preserves, or cheeses and salami from the Ossola region, and craft beers. Authentic Italian flavours and ingredients you can taste at the counter, or sitting down at a table, in one of the recipes of our chef Francesco Luoni, or even buy and take home with you as a souvenir of the trip.